5th February (

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Hinterkind #5

piss or get off the potty time with this one, and it’s a keeper (for now) there is enough sucking me in for the next instalment.

Suicide Risk #10

this was a good issue, explains the back story of the people giving out the powers, but still leaving the powers themselves a mystery.

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Detective Comics #28

i like Gothtopia, looks cracking and reads well.

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Green Lantern/Red Lantern #28

I can’t go on enough about how good Red Lanterns is getting, the whole universe is being well written and for the first time in a while feels cohesive.

Forever Evil #5

i enjoyed this, the art was a bit static at times but it was fast moving and enjoyable.

Batman: Joker’s Daughter one shot

This started poorly and got better, I loved the concept of the Joker’s Daughter, but up until now I have found the execution somewhat lacking. This got better and turned out ok, a good primer.

Forever Evil : Arkham War #5

Just another chapter in the battle, good stuff though

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Earth 2 #20

Fun, not sure what Aquawoman is wearing or what it is made of, or if it’s practical or even enough

The Movement #9

Gail Simone introduces Batgirl to The Movement and it’s certainly not a buddy team up issue. Gail Simone is a fantastic writer and her Batgirl is a joy to read.

Action Comics #28

Forgetable issue? Perhaps, I forgot to write review and now can’t remember it.

Chew Volume 2 : International Flavor

Chew is clever and fun, there is a lot going on it the art and it’s a joy to read.


Chew can see the history of something, if he eats it. This includes Veg, animals and even people. He works for the police and lives in a world where chicken is a banned substance (due to bird flu.) In this volume he visits a small island nation who are trying to make a global name for themselves, buy cooking chicken and a new “plant” they have found… Chew finds out there is more to this than meets the eye and mayhem erupts all around him.

John Layman and Rob Guillory have created something unlike anything I have ever read, they made it fun and interesting, give it a try.


29th January (couldn’t afford this every week.)

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Red Lanterns #27

Long awaited (for me anyway!) reunion of Guy and Ice. I loved this couple in the old JLI days. This issue has Guy and a few other Reds paying a tourist visit to Earth with chaos ensuing. This is a great turn around for this series that was flagging a bit.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. #4

Didn’t read this (for Godson.)

Superman #27

Superman faced an interesting Dilemma, did he risk Lois life to save his own secret identity? Big fight with Parasite, art was a bit rough in places, but I don’t hate Parasite as a character anymore, so that’s cool.

All Star Western #27

This was the best Jonah Hex in the modern day issue so far. He meets and has a chat with Superman and visits a museum dedicated to him. Better.

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Larfleeze #7

Not sure what this is or what it’s meant to be, it might all be a bit much.

Green Team #8

Didn’t read this because frankly it’s awful

Damian son of Batman #4

Big Disappointment.

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Five Weapons #6

Interesting start to the 2nd Arc of the Five Weapons series. I enjoy this story and the art.

Saga #18

Brilliant, just brilliant

Earth 2 Annual #2

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A very interesting take on the Earth 2 Batman. I really like that it is Thomas Wayne trying to atone for his shady past. Hopefully I do not write this into Eath 1 cannon in my head.

World’s Finest Annual #1

This is a fun stroy from Earth 2 days when Power Girl was Supergirl and Huntress was Robin, art was light and the story was well done.

Batman and Robin Annual #2

This was touching, Damian had left Dick Grayson aa present to find after his death, a nice Flashback Dick as Robin story.

Catwoman #27

Gothtopia, it’s really intriguing trying to figure out what’s going on. I like the look of the new costumes.

Beware the Batman #4

Not Read (buy for Nephew.)

Aquaman #27

This is just good comicing???

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Flash #27

Start of a story arc in which Barry Allen tries to solve his mother’s murder, there seems to be a supernatural element, MMMM!!!!! (I’ll let it go if it’s good.) New art looks nice.

Sixteen Candles.

This is the second time I have watched this John Hughes “classic” and to be honest, I have a lot of problems with this film.

I think some of the gender politics are repugnant. The Asian character is nothing but a caricature.


The whole premise of forgetting the main characters birthday, had no credibility at all. I just couldn’t get over this concete. Surely, when the date was set for the wedding, someone would have said “that’s the day after your birthday samantha.” but no her parents, her 2 siblings and both sets of grand-parents all forget. Sorry couldn’t get over this hurdle.

Should you watch this? John Hughes has far better Teen movies, go look them out.

Unwritten Vol 3: Dead Man’s Knock

This is a very clever comic and an almost perfect combination of art and story.


I don’t feel I have the correct vocabularly to fully explain what is happening in this series. It’s a combination of storytelling meeting reality, they have different themes, like the choose your own adventure issue in this book. It’s all to do with stories controlling reality and the fight of good over evil, spilling from pages into reality and vice versa. I don’t feel I can do it justice. If you like reading, read this.


22nd January (sexy covers.)

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Batman #27

More Zero Year, some touching moments between Bruce and Alfred and Batman and Gordon. Nice story, Zero Year could be well on it’s way to becoming a classic Batman story.

Batman and two face #27

I’ve said it before this is good Ol’ Batman story telling.


Francis Manapul was a good fit to take over the art on this book. He does the “big” pages very well, although this was a very quick comic because there were so many of them.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #27

at the end of this issue Jason Todd looks straight at the camera and says “I’d like to spend a few months punching regular baddies without worrying about imortals or mind wipes or anything like that.” That’ s prett much my review, let’s get back to normal.

Justice League #27

Very wordy, not a lot of action, 2 Doom Patrol members who are unknown to me were killed and Cyborg got a make-over. lots of words.

Supergirl #27

Better, a lot better. Don’t like New Lobo, like old Lobo.

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Wonder Woman #27

This is a great well written and good looking book, All the pieces seem to be moving around towards the end game. Not 100% following it, but certainly enjoying it.

New Guardians #27

This was one of the better issues, I kinda wish I hadn’t read it since I cancelled the series after the last issue, these things won’t happen if I ever catch up.

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Harley Quinn #2

This is brilliant, the only problem for me is the presentation of Harley herself, much prefer the old costume over the new “sexier” 52 version. Also the eyes and the make-up look awful, she is grey rather than white. The writing and everything else is really fun.

Mea Maxima Culpa (Silence in the House of God.)

This is a powerful documentary about the sexual abuse of Deaf Children by a Catholic Priest in the USA.

The use of the to camera pieces, with the victims, signing to the camera with an interpreter speaking over them was a good way of doing it.

mea maxima culpa

The pace of the documentary as it opened up the cover-up scandal and then expanded it into the vatican itself and laid the allegations at the feet of the pope was well done.

It is truly staggering and shocking what went on and the extent of how powerless, good priests and bishops were to stop it and protect the victims.

Should you watch this? Yes, it’s a tough watch but I thinkĀ  an important one.