Movie a Day 2015: Week 3

Day 15 Movie 15: Some Kind of Wonderful. A fantastically 80’s teen a lot of Nonsense and a lot of fun. Although, the obvious choice for me from the beginning was the friend….. Watched on DVD


Day 16 Movie 16: Scream. I’m not big on horror movies but this is light on actual gore and heavy on stupid teenagers making bad decisions, I enjoyed the deconstruction of the genre. Entertaining watched on dvd


Day 17 Movie 17: Scream 2. More of the same and still attempting to be very clever with it, the baddie would be like fighting Frank Spencer, the amount of time he gets put on his arse or falls over, I’d give this pass marks. watched on dvd


Day 18 Movie 18: Scream 3. This was more of a live action Scooby Do, groups of folk running around a mansion being chased by the bad guy, a poor finish to the trilogy….. but then I discover there is a 4th movie??? I’ve been assured it’s better than 3 so might look it up.watched on dvd.

scream 3

Day 19 Movie 19: Pale Rider. Good Ole Western, I don’t know if perhaps I’m just getting old, but I was concerned who was going to have to clean up all the dead bodies that were left lying around at the end. Thoroughly enjoyable watched on dvd.


Day 20 Movie 20: Calvary. This was a beautiful and bleak movie about a Good Priest who awaits his death in a weeks time. It was like watching Ireland trying to work through its issues with relation to the financial collapse, religion in the 21st century and pedophilia by the Church. Some comic moments, well worth a watch. Watched on Love Film DVD.


Day 21 Movies 21 and 22: The Watcher in the Woods. This was the totally out there choice of my wee fella, he thought Bette Davis looked a bit like a witch on the poster, which was good enough for him. It was actually a pretty scary batshit bonkers Disney movie about child possession by inter-dimensional beings, strange mystical rites, worth a watch just to see what Disney was serving kids in the 80’s. Watched on Amazon Prime.


Divergent. The obvious comparisons with this movie is The Hunger Games (fighting kids, future after a big civil war, female lead.) This was ok, I’m pretty sure that the books must have made a better job of explaining the world as this didn’t make complete sense to me. As a film it was ok, I’d give it pass marks, but can’t imagine I’d be rushing to the cinema for the sequel. Watched on Love Film DVD.


Week 3 got me a movie ahead, which is good to have one in the bank, come holidays and other days I can’t manage to watch one, I’d like to have had a few more done by this point, but then I have to live a life and read book and comics and watch TV as well. First world problems I know.

Movie a Day 2015: Week 2

Day eight Movie 8: Manhattan, I continue on my ill-fated Woody Allen adventure, I’m not going to hide it, he makes me squeamish, he’s written, Directed and Starring in a movie in which he has put himself in bed with an underage girl. I didn’t enjoy this at all. Watched on DVD


Day Nine Movie Nine: Hannah and Her Sisters. Ok The Woody Allen Box set was a bad purchase, this was probably the most watchable of the 4, although that is damning with faint praise. I don’t even like Michael Caine. Could have been worse could have been a set of 5 dvd’s. Watched on DVD


Day Ten Movie Ten: Birdman, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, although my good lady wife didn’t enjoy it as much, Michael Keaton, Ed Norton and Emma Stone are all big favourites of mine, so this looked like a winner and turned out to be one. Not sure what to make of the ending though, I like my ending tied in a nice big bow and this was my only fault with the movie, but most certainly a “must watch” Movie.


Day 11 Movie 11: Amelie, I love this movie, it’s quirky, it’s charming, it is wonderfully bright and I love Paris, I could fall in love with Audrey Tautou’s Character. I’d imagine after I have done my 365 movies this year, this could be top ten. Watched on Amazon Prime


Day 12 Movie 12: The Imitation Game, what a good movie, I enjoyed the story and got suitably upset about the ending and outraged at how people in the past (and even now) got treated so badly, I did leave the theatre with a tear in my eye at the wasted opportunity that Alan Turing’s death symbolised. Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightly were very good and Charles Dance was his usual brillianty self. Watched in the Cinema


Day 13 Movie 13: The Pianist, a hard watch, so sad and I didn’t realise it was a true story until the end credits. I’d normally shy away from a Roman Polanski film, but I would recomend this. watched on DVD


Day 14 Movie 14: Megamind I enjoyed this and thought it was pretty clever and funny, I watched it with my 4 year old and he wasn’t as grabbed by it, perhaps a little too clever and not enough action for the younger audience. Watched recorded on TV


Wasn’t too hard a week, best new movie I watched The Imitation Game, best old movie Amelie

Movie a Day for 2015, Week One

Day One: A rewatching of an old favourite, the original Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, not much can be added about this movie, I wish I’d watched the older, Han Shot first, version. Also I watched a little on the 31st December and finished it on Day One so not technically cheating. Watched it on recorded TV.


Day Two: Son of Batman, a DC Animation, a good story and Damian is a character I enjoy, quite why Talia Al Ghul couldn’t zip her combat suit up and insisted in fighting in high heels perplexed me. I watched this over 2 days when my TV was being used by other family members. Watched on Computer.


Day Three: 42, this is the story of Jackie Robinson, the first Black Player to play Major League Baseball, it’s a story I’m very familiar with. Harrison Ford was very good as Branch Rickey. Watched on DVD with wife.


Day Four: Top Gun, had never really watched this movie properly before, enjoyed it, wasn’t too impressed by plane scenes, I liked the Music and the whole 80’s vibe. Watched it on recorded TV over a few days.

top gun

Day Five: Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex (but where afraid to ask.) This was awful and certainly not funny, I bought a Woody Allen Box set in preparation for this challenge, starting to doubt my decision. A really horrid film. Watched on DVD


Day 6: Giving Woody Allen 2 days in a row after yesterday’s horror show was admittedly a bit daunting. However, I did like Annie Hall, I may have liked it more if the taste of Everything you wanted to know about sex, wasn’t still in my mouth. However, I don’t understand how it ended up with a best picture oscar, Diane Keaton was Good though. Watched on DVDAnnie-Hall-23

Day Seven Movie seven: The Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. A good old family romp, to change the tone a little from Woody Allen’s self obsession. I enjoyed this movie it is well done with a warmness of spirit. Watched recorded on TV, culred up with my 4 year old


So that’s the first week done, I’ve selected shorter movies to get me started, so the challenge may become tougher as time goes on. No real struggles to complete this week though.

5th February (

photo 1

Hinterkind #5

piss or get off the potty time with this one, and it’s a keeper (for now) there is enough sucking me in for the next instalment.

Suicide Risk #10

this was a good issue, explains the back story of the people giving out the powers, but still leaving the powers themselves a mystery.

photo 4

Detective Comics #28

i like Gothtopia, looks cracking and reads well.

photo 2

Green Lantern/Red Lantern #28

I can’t go on enough about how good Red Lanterns is getting, the whole universe is being well written and for the first time in a while feels cohesive.

Forever Evil #5

i enjoyed this, the art was a bit static at times but it was fast moving and enjoyable.

Batman: Joker’s Daughter one shot

This started poorly and got better, I loved the concept of the Joker’s Daughter, but up until now I have found the execution somewhat lacking. This got better and turned out ok, a good primer.

Forever Evil : Arkham War #5

Just another chapter in the battle, good stuff though

photo 3

Earth 2 #20

Fun, not sure what Aquawoman is wearing or what it is made of, or if it’s practical or even enough

The Movement #9

Gail Simone introduces Batgirl to The Movement and it’s certainly not a buddy team up issue. Gail Simone is a fantastic writer and her Batgirl is a joy to read.

Action Comics #28

Forgetable issue? Perhaps, I forgot to write review and now can’t remember it.

Chew Volume 2 : International Flavor

Chew is clever and fun, there is a lot going on it the art and it’s a joy to read.


Chew can see the history of something, if he eats it. This includes Veg, animals and even people. He works for the police and lives in a world where chicken is a banned substance (due to bird flu.) In this volume he visits a small island nation who are trying to make a global name for themselves, buy cooking chicken and a new “plant” they have found… Chew finds out there is more to this than meets the eye and mayhem erupts all around him.

John Layman and Rob Guillory have created something unlike anything I have ever read, they made it fun and interesting, give it a try.


29th January (couldn’t afford this every week.)

photo 1

Red Lanterns #27

Long awaited (for me anyway!) reunion of Guy and Ice. I loved this couple in the old JLI days. This issue has Guy and a few other Reds paying a tourist visit to Earth with chaos ensuing. This is a great turn around for this series that was flagging a bit.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. #4

Didn’t read this (for Godson.)

Superman #27

Superman faced an interesting Dilemma, did he risk Lois life to save his own secret identity? Big fight with Parasite, art was a bit rough in places, but I don’t hate Parasite as a character anymore, so that’s cool.

All Star Western #27

This was the best Jonah Hex in the modern day issue so far. He meets and has a chat with Superman and visits a museum dedicated to him. Better.

photo 2

Larfleeze #7

Not sure what this is or what it’s meant to be, it might all be a bit much.

Green Team #8

Didn’t read this because frankly it’s awful

Damian son of Batman #4

Big Disappointment.

photo 5

Five Weapons #6

Interesting start to the 2nd Arc of the Five Weapons series. I enjoy this story and the art.

Saga #18

Brilliant, just brilliant

Earth 2 Annual #2

photo 3

A very interesting take on the Earth 2 Batman. I really like that it is Thomas Wayne trying to atone for his shady past. Hopefully I do not write this into Eath 1 cannon in my head.

World’s Finest Annual #1

This is a fun stroy from Earth 2 days when Power Girl was Supergirl and Huntress was Robin, art was light and the story was well done.

Batman and Robin Annual #2

This was touching, Damian had left Dick Grayson aa present to find after his death, a nice Flashback Dick as Robin story.

Catwoman #27

Gothtopia, it’s really intriguing trying to figure out what’s going on. I like the look of the new costumes.

Beware the Batman #4

Not Read (buy for Nephew.)

Aquaman #27

This is just good comicing???

photo 4

Flash #27

Start of a story arc in which Barry Allen tries to solve his mother’s murder, there seems to be a supernatural element, MMMM!!!!! (I’ll let it go if it’s good.) New art looks nice.

Sixteen Candles.

This is the second time I have watched this John Hughes “classic” and to be honest, I have a lot of problems with this film.

I think some of the gender politics are repugnant. The Asian character is nothing but a caricature.


The whole premise of forgetting the main characters birthday, had no credibility at all. I just couldn’t get over this concete. Surely, when the date was set for the wedding, someone would have said “that’s the day after your birthday samantha.” but no her parents, her 2 siblings and both sets of grand-parents all forget. Sorry couldn’t get over this hurdle.

Should you watch this? John Hughes has far better Teen movies, go look them out.