A Light week (8th May 2013)


Justice League of America #3

I’m starting to prefer this over the Justice League title with the big 7, I think it is more like Justice League International of the 80’s 90’s and i enjoy that spirit. It’s starting to annoy me that a lot of DC Comics seem to be coming out of order, the Catwoman story of her time in Arkham (where she ended up at the end of this issue) has already happened last week. But I did enjoy this.

Batman #20

The conclusion of a Clayface 2 parter, some nice character points and certainly setting up Clayface to be a very formidable villain. A strong reaction from Batman when clayface became Damian and a good finish to the back-up story and a nice Superman cameo.

Green Lantern Corp #20

Ok “Wrath of the first lantern” I’m not really sure what’s happening or indeed how it ended, which is apparently not until the Green Lantern title in 2 weeks time (stop doing that!) But I Love Guy Gardner so am happy to allow it this time. A great Guy spending time on Earth trying to be normal story. Enjoyed it a lot.

Batman and Red Hood #20

This story started with the continuation of the Carrie Kelley story, she ends up being hired to walk Damian Wayne’s dog. (surely the first step on the Robin ladder???) Then Bruce and Jason Todd go on a mission, Jason sees this as acceptance from Bruce. Sadly, for Jason, Bruce just wants to find out about his resurrection and how he could apply it to Damian. A Brutal and emotional look into Batman’s life after losing his son.

Battlefields: The Fall and Rise of Anna Kharkova  #6 (cover of the week.)


An incredibly moving end to what has been a cracking series from Garth Ennis. The Conclusion of Anna’s story (and her friend mouse.) was well handled and poignant. The art complimented the story and I’m sorry this is the end of the series.

Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon #4
Not really enjoying this, almost stopped reading it. Art is pretty dark and hard to follow, will finish off this story arc, but won’t bother with Dynamite`s Sherlock Holmes again.


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