15th May (Bat Family and female heavy.)


Red Hood and the Outlaws #20

An interesting look back at the life of Jason Todd, some of the Robin flashbacks were nice. this series has been a bit hit and miss, but this issue has certainly been a hit. Art looked a bit ropey at time especially Red Arrow’s haircut.

Justice League of America : Vibe #4

I’m still in the trial period for this book, I think the ARGUS organisation a bit boring. However I’ve always been drawn to the Gypsy character, so I’ll stay in for a while longer.

Wonder Woman #20

This Epic Olympus Gods story moves forward in this issue. Although critically acclaimed I am not 100% sure who all the Gods are but am enjoying the story none the less.

Supergirl #20

A genuinely funny issue, with Supergirl and Powergirl teaming up to fight Supergirl’s house. Supergirl should be more like this and less like the heavy story line of the previous arc. The art is trying to copy Amanda Connor’s run on Powergirl, falling short but a good effort.

Batgirl #20 (cover of the week) SAM_1577

A great introduction of an exciting new Villain, The Ventriloquist genuinely creepy and Gail Simone’s writing adds just enough doubt that  Batgirl is going to make it out. Looking forward to the next issue. Gail Simone is certainly one of my favourite writers.

Batwoman #20

I have never been one of those to go gaga over the Batwoman art, I like it, it’s pretty and well done. However I did find her reunion with her psychotic sister who thinks she’s Alice (of Wonderland fame.) pretty emotional. I’ve considered dropping this title a few times, but this new story of her selling out Batman is enough to keep me in.

Nightwing #20

Nightwing is fast becoming one of my favourite characters, (I know I’m late to that party.) This book is also becoming one of my faves. A good story, nice art and a good villain, (is Prankster new?) Just some good old fashioned comic booking. turns out Prankster is very old (1940’s old) this iteration seems different though.

Catwoman #20

She fights a Demon and starts a war with Penguin, perfectly functional set up of future stories. Art ok.

JSA Liberty Files: The Whistling Skull 6/6

Thought I’d give this mini series a try. Don’t really like the art although I can acknowledge it’s not bad just not my taste. Found the story line confusing and not sure how the watch at the end worked. I heard a wordballon.com podcast about this which made me more interested than I was previously. Probably won’t pick up another mini, unless something jumps out at me.


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