May 22nd (A very big week)


Batman lil Gotham #2

This is an adorable book aimed at younger readers, but with enough winks to keep the adults entertained and very cute art. My only problem is because it is a digital first title, this month’s issue is a Christmas story.

All Star Western #20

Jonah Hex teams up in the 2nd part of this story, just again good fun comics. Nice supernatural element to keep me intrigued, but not too weird as to put me off. Back up great as well, one of the consistently best comics DC are putting out.

Aquaman #20

Aquaman has a brief appearance, then it’s up to his “team” to collect a magical gauntlet in Arizona (where he can’t go, no water see?) Was well  as usual, but have to say it took me away from the main story line of the book and I’m not really fond of what felt like a fill in issue. No doubt Johns has big plans that will become clearer.

Flash #20 

Good Flash story, art superb as usual. Setting up a Reverse Flash story arc, not my favourite Flash Villain, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Green Lantern #20

Giant Issue in which Geoff Johns gets to wrap up his 9 years on Green Lantern, I was fully prepared not to enjoy or understand this because to be honest the whole 1st lantern thing was not enjoyable. But, it’s a great finish to the story, firmly placing Hal Jordan as number 1 lantern and a nice look at the future of the massive cast. A wonderful end to Johns’ tenure. Hope the new guys can pick up the ball and run with it.

Green Lantern : New Guardians #20

The epilogues for Wrath of the First Lantern are actually far more enjoyable than the story line itself was. I’m looking forward to seeing where Kyle Rayner is going to end up. Again, I hope new creative teams can pick up from this strong finish. I really enjoyed the art, although patchy at times (kyle looked very young) it was the kind of clean art I like to see.

Red Lanterns #20

Another solid wrap to the “wrath” story. Rankorr admits to being more Red Lantern than Human and Atrocitus is getting ready to take his Red Lanterns in a new direction, again, lets hope the new team don’t drop the ball.

Justice League #20

Unusual for this title to be so far down my reading list, It was a strong story with Despro one of the leagues greatest foes being dispatched very quickly. It is sowing the seeds of intrigue that’s leading to a bigger Trinity War story line. there were 3 different artists and it noticeably slumped in the middle. I don’t imagine it will be so far down the list in the future.

Superman #20 

The last part of a short Hector Hammond storyline, a nice punch up with Orion and a continuation of the Wonder Woman love affair. Some nice Comic bookery and good art.


Batman Incorporated #11

Batman of Japan teams up with something-something Canary (can’t remember crazy Japanese name.) Really fun step away from main story and this is something Batman inc should do more of. More strange Batman affiliates from around the world please.

Green Team #1

This was actually a pretty enjoyable first issue, a nice intriguing set up and look into a new world. Looking forward to issue 2

The Bounce #1

A new comic about the birth of “Costumes” in the world and who is a villain and who becomes a hero. This was passable, didn’t really set the heather on fire, I may give it another issue to take hold.


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