31st May (a light 5th week.)


Justice League of America #4

Just a good old, let’s jump on a plane and go save Catwoman and fight some baddies issue. Catwoman appears to get killed at the end, although I am sceptical, I’m pretty sure her own title has not been cancelled. Nice Martian Manhunter backup story.

Earth 2 Annual

This was a really enjoyable annual that gives a teaser of the direction that many of the Earth 2 Characters are going to take. It is tinged with sadness though as James Robinson the writer has announced he is leaving the book and DC. So many of these story lines will most likely not play out as planned.


Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual

Another fun annual, a now amnesiac Jason Todd tries to discover who he is whilst the island is under attack from Cheshire Cat and a nice Cameo of Green Arrow who has a lot of untapped history with Roy Harper, again a good set up of future story lines.

Catwoman Annual

Again, another strong annual, I’m usually quite sceptical about the quality of some annuals and don’t buy them for every monthly I buy, but today’s batch have been good. Catwoman a nice stand alone story that also leave a lot of doors open for future story lines.

Five Weapons #4/5

I’m really enjoying this mini series, the art and production is right up my street. The story is intriguing and I thought I had it figured but then realise I don’t. Really looking forward to the final instalment.


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