June 5th (new start for green lantern)


Earth 2 #13

A good quality story from what is now firmly one of my favourite titles, Captain Steel is introduced into the world and the story moves along towards a war. Again, reading this is tinged with sadness that James Robinson the writer is leaving the book. I worry for the future.

Ame-Comi Girls #4

I Just enjoy this kind of thing, it’s just a fun story with the main dc characters being all female. Art is very cartoony and I’m not an expert but seems to have a touch of manga look to it.


Green Lantern #21

A decent start after the departure of long time writer Geoff Johns, A good story with Hal Jordan getting thrown in at the deep end and told by the New Guardians that he is to lead the Corp, which quickly comes under attack. Yeah fine start hopefully this does not become a train wreck.

Detective Comics #21

A nice stand alone story (for now) Batman stops an assassination attempt by a former girlfriend (that list is almost endless) Another look at Harper Row, the punky girl electrician who may or may not be getting set up as a new Robin.

Action Comics #21

The conclusion of a Lex Luthor story, Superman takes down Lex in his battle suit. Strangely this was a better ending than the whole story seemed to merit.

Suicide Risk #2

I’m enjoying this and will definitely continue, a cop “buys” powers in order to find and take on the guys who injured his partner. I like this take on new powers better than lasts weeks The Bounce. Also this is Boom studios and I like to spread my money around a bit 🙂

The Movement #2

Enjoyed this issue far better than the 1st, starting to figure out what the deal is and like the concept. May re read first as might have missed the point.


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