June 13th (big week for Superman!)


All Star Superman #1 (Cover of the Week)


I didn’t actually read this, they gave it away for free to promote the movie and I’ve already got the Trade paper backs. But it is gorgeous and I’ll pass it on to someone. Frank Quietly is Quite Frankly a genius. (see what I did there? probably the first person ever to say that!)

Sherlock Holmes : The Liverpool Demon #5

Glad this has finished, not a big fan of Holmes or the artist who drew this, story was okay.

World’s Finest #13

Huntress and Power Girl take on a big angry devil dog in their further attempts to find a way home. Nice story and art look smashing

Superman Unchained #1

Big, Bold and Wonderful. Looks great and reads like the start of an epic story that is more than likely going to end up an all time classic. Hope it continues like this. Wow!

Manhattan Projects #12

I’m done, I’ve felt like dropping this book a few times and then something hooks me back in, I just struggle to follow some of the high sci-fi concepts and even Einstein torturing someone with a chainsaw is not keeping me in.  Bye Bye.

Green Lantern Corp #21

4 new Green Lanterns are selected, which is always a highlight for me, Larafleeze turns up to do battle against the Corp and John Stewart and Fatality join together to do battle against the Durlans who look set to be the new “big bad”  I’ll keep on with this because as I said, new lantern recruits, what’s not to love.

Nightwing #21

A good strong story as Nightwing gets ever closer to Tony Zucco the man who killed his family. a good read.

Batgirl #21

Pretty chilling tale with Batgirl facing off against the Ventriloquist and her creepy doll

Batman #21

Zero Year: basically a re-imagining of Batman “Year One” I really like the art and the time shifts are compelling and easy to follow, not read a really good Riddler story for a long time, so hopes are high.

Batman li’l Gotham #3

I quite enjoy these Holiday themed stories aimed at kids, a nice Valentines Harley Quinn/ Joker tale with lots of nice cameos



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