26th June (so many good covers.)


Justice League of America #5

Let’s face it, this is my title, they could put 7 monkeys on this and I’d buy it every month. However, this is actually quite enjoyable, it still has the feel of a putting the band together issue, they are trying to inject some fun and quips. All good, the Martian manhunter Back up is also good. Keep on keeping on.

Batman Superman #1

This is one of those the critics are going to love, I however am going to struggle with the art. Some of the art was nice and other bits just annoyed me, I should perhaps photograph panels in future. The story was very interesting and I liked the take on Batman, then something happened and I’m not sure what. Might need to re read or have someone explain it for me.

Jupiter’s Legacy #2


Frank Quietly is a master, this is just the best looking book I read. Mark Millar’s story is also very compelling. After 2 issues this series has cemented itself into a favourite.

Catwoman #21

I enjoyed this war between Catwoman and The Penguin, a little hard to follow some of the action, but I’d imagine war is like that. A good story and Catwoman’s 3rd appearance in as many comics this month.

Red Lanterns #21

Guy Gardner has always been a big favourite of mine, so he joins the Reds and fights atrocitus, what’s not to love?

Aquaman #21

Another good solid outing for aquaman,

Hoax Hunters: Case Files #1

Some of these stories were ok, but I missed out on a lot by not reading the actual Hoax Hunters title.

The Flash #21

Beautiful art as Flash tracks down and races Kid Flash, felt art took centre stage as plot didn’t move forward much in this issue.

Justice League #21

This whole issue has been given over to the back up Shazam story, great battle to end and the art is truly fantastic, Gary Frank is one of my favourites. I like the new Shazam family and can’t wait to see where they next turn up.

The Bounce #2

Still not digging this, stopping it.

All Star Western #21

There was nothing wrong with the old Jonah Hex book, I don’t require him in Gotham or the future, miss the old one and done western format.

The Green Team #2

This series has enough to keep me interested, nice art and story is quite intriguing.

Superman #21

Cracking looking comic, story is certainly enough to keep me coming back. Hector Hammond and H.I.V.E very good.

Larfleeze #1

I enjoyed this, fair attempt at injecting some much needed humour into the new 52. The wise cracking butler reminds me of the wise cracking helper of one of the JLI big baddies (whose name escapes me.) hope this doesn’t get too stupid or annoying.


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