July 3rd ( A Lot of Wrath on the Cover)



Earth 2 #14

Another really strong issue, nice battle scenes and scene setting, a top quality title.

The Emerald City of Oz #1/5

I don’t actually read this, just collecting to read my boy or pass on to kids.

Suicide Risk #3

Really enjoying this series it’s interesting and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Satellite Sam #1

This was a very intriguing first issue b/w comic so a bit different set behind the scenes of a 50s television show, may pick up the trade.

Five Weapons #5/5

Good ending to what was a very enjoyable mini series, quite looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for these bonkers characters.


Detective Comics #22

Yeah fine set up for a good ole batman story.
The Movement #3

This is not as enjoyable as Green Team, not really enjoying the supernatural element, but it does have me interested enough to come back.

Ame-comi Girls #5

I really like this art, the story is very strong too. Enjoyable series.

Green Lantern #22

Some nice battle scenes against the Orange Lantern, the wheels have yet to come off this series, is it wrong I’m waiting for it to happen?

Action Comics #22

Another Hector Hammond story, art was nice, can’t say Hammond is my favourite villain

Batman Incoporated #12

Battle against Talia al Gul heats up, I won’t pretend to be picking up everything Grant Morrison puts down in this book but I am enjoying it.


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