10th July (I’ll get there eventually!)



Batman Li’l Gotham #4

This is ok for kids, I buy it for God son, but always have a wee read first, didn’t enjoy 2nd story Alice in Wonderland style.

Justice League #22

Really strong first part of Trinity War story, not a big fan of magic, but this looked amazing.

Batman #22

Zero year continues, really good. Back up also very good.


Batgirl #22

Bloody hell this was amazing, so emotional and the best comic I’ve read this year. Magnificent.

Nightwing #22

Another bat title going well, just good quality story telling.

Superman Unchained #2

Probably the strongest Superman title out, enjoyable.

World’s Finest #14

Desaad takes the battle to PG and Huntress, I really like this title.

Green Lantern Corp #22

Things are falling apart in the Corp and it’s making for some good comics.


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