7th August (will I ever catch up?)


Green Lantern #23

A new look Corp, a nice new villain and a pile of new recruits. I’m in.

Earth 2 # 15

The Heroes get their arses handed to them and Hawkgirl gets captured. Looks absolutely magnificent. Unmissable.

Ame-comi girls #6

I like this, the art is cool and the story is fast paced and fun. I’m not sure who this is aimed at as it’s a web first series. But hey I enjoy it.

Action Comics #23

The script for this was laugh out loud cheesy as Big Blue takes on a mega world destroyer. Fantastic fun and I hope we see more of the Pax Galactica that he fought alongside. The back up was better than it’s been, but something I’m not all that interested in (history of Jor-el on Krypton.

Detective Comics #23

I like where this story is going, Bruce is being attacked by a foe equal in every way. Very interesting.

The Movement #4

I feel my stick with a new comic for 5 issues policy has really paid off with this time. This was an origin story and threw a big ray of light upon the characters and story. I feel everything up until now was prelude. Nice work Gail Simone I was almost cutting this.

Suicide Risk #4

I was enjoying this right up to the point it took a road into Gods, I’m probably out now. Sad was quite enjoying it up to this point. But gods just don’t interest me.

Satellite Sam #2


This is a black and white comic, a murder  mystery  within the set and and main players on a 50’s pulp tv show. I’m really enjoying the feel of it.

Manhattan Projects #13

I actually thought I’d dropped this, so didn’t really want to like it and get sucked back into the story. It’s enjoyable when it is understandable, but it takes some crazy turns into weird which I don’t enjoy. This one was quite good, must email and cancel it though.

The Emerald City of OZ #2/5

Don’t actually read this, but I really think I should.


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