14th August (Saga is back, woo hoo!)


Batman li’l Gotham #5

Read this because I buy it for my Godson, I think it could be better, don’t want to be too judgemental It’s not made for me.

Justice League America #7

This was a good continuation of the Trinity War storyline, it played very 2nd act, but revelations were made and pieces were moved, still excited to read ending, which is what a part 4 of 6 should be.

Saga #13

Simply the best comic on sale, art is beautiful and the story is magnificent every twist or fantastical element fits perfectly. Brian K Vaughan is an absolute master. His letters column is worth the price of the comic alone, went from nearly in tears to laughing out loud by the last letter. Wonderful.

Batgirl #23


I just know every month Gail Simone is going to handle Batgirl perfectly, she has such a great feel for the character and this is another example of this.

Nightwing #23

I can’t pretend that this influx of new characters does not have me playing a bit of “who is he? who is she?” the main story is going well though and it’s building nicely towards a gripping finale.

Batman #23

I feel as if I’ve read the Bruce gets beaten up and patched up by Alfred and has an encounter with a bat story before. I have no idea what the pink orb melding the room with the cave was, a awkward and slow issue. Although I did enjoy the E Nigma part at the start and the back up was very good.

World’s Finest #15
I like both Power Girl and Huntress a lot, so why am I not enjoying this series as much as I should be? The storyline seems to be dragging on forever, without much trace if the humour I have come to expect from a PG book. I’ll buy it till they cancel it though.
Green Lantern Corp #23

This is a lot better than I could have hoped for. I like the story as John Stewart takes centre stage in GLC


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