21st August (The 2nd week I felt the loss of Robin)


Superman Unchained #3

This started to really work for me this issue, I liked the big reveal at the end, not sure how it sits continuity wise, but that’s never really been my concern.

Batman and (Nightwing) #23

I was getting a bit bored with the Batman and ???? Grieve for Robin series. Then in the last few pages of this issue it was Alfred’s turn and it nearly reduced me to tears. I think the fact that I had a fondness for Damien and Grant Morrison released him on the whole DC Universe before killing him off makes it easy to mourn the passing of a fictional character. I think this is one of the best moves Morrison has ever pulled.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #23

This has been a borderline getting dumped comic probably since #1, it plods along just doing enough, but is that really enough? story ok, art ok!

Wonder Woman #23


This could well be the end of this arc and lets hope it continues with the same quality. Diana is now God of War and the first born is dead??? Can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Batwoman #23

OK I’m a philistine but I’m not a major fan of this art and the story is dragging a bit, I’m not close to dropping this though. It has enough to keep me coming back. Shortly after writing this it was announced that all the current creators of this comic are leaving due to editorial differences, with DC Comics. They won’t allow Batwoman to marry her lesbian lover. This puts this book on a very sticky wicket.

Supergirl #23

I don’t understand how a Supergirl book can be so humourless. The story is fine, I just don’t get the tone at times. She’s a teenage girl, it should be more fun.

Vibe #7

This isn’t as fun as it needs to be and if the keep fighting away in inter-dimensional space, they may have to do it without me.

Green Lanterns : New Guardians #23

Relic, hands the Blue Lanterns their arse and it looks like everyone is powerless against him, he thinks he’s doing the right thing. Quite intriguing story.


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