August 28th (The end of the Trinity War.)


Justice League #23

I was just a tickle lost as this is part 6 of 6 and I hadn’t read part 5. However, this was great some fantastic splash pages and a big reveal I did not see coming. So looking forward to seeing how this new story line goes, long live villains.

All Star Western #23
This story line is really growing on me Jonah Hex in the modern world. A nice bit of critique on modern society, if perhaps a bit heavy handed. Very enjoyable and certainly won me over.

Aquaman #23
Another series that has me really intrigued and what an ending, waking up after 6 months in a coma. Not as much a cliff hanger as a WTF moment.

The Flash #23
Another strong issue, I feel that the pace of the Flash, for obvious reasons, is very fast, which makes me tear through it too quickly. A beautiful looking book and a good strong issue leading into the Villains month perfectly.

Larfleeze #3
Still an enjoyable read, but very wordy this month.

Red Lanterns #23

Continues to be enjoyable. I really liked the way the tied it in to the other Lantern books.

Batman Incorporated Special #1
I liked this idea in theory better than in execution. A quick story off all the Bat Family characters around the world. They were all ok, but nothing great. If they did one of these every now and them I’d be cool with that. Bat cow was the best one.


Batman Superman #3

I really don’t like the art in this and was just thinking of dropping it and then they has a flashback, young Clark meets young Bruce and I thought this is magic. Then it went back to the art I didn’t like. Not dropping yet!

Catwoman #23

This is a storyline I’m not really interested in. Gotham Underground tribal wars, couldn’t care less. This has one more issue to redeem itself.

The Green Team #4
This is another one that may be getting dropped. Issue 5 better be a doozy.

Superman #23
I want to like Superman. But this storyline is just not interesting. I’ll keep on keeping on and one day they will get it right.


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