4th September (DC Villains, my wife might leave me if she knew how much I spent!)


Forever Evil #1 (of 7)

Villains month Kicks off in Style with a Good set up issue, the baddies start to put the team together breaking them out of all the prisons. Really enjoying this and looks wonderful.

Batman #23.1 (Joker #1)

The covers on these are 3d and look great, hard to capture on camera though. This is just a tale of The Joker stealing and then raising a monkey sidekick, it’s fantastic! looks great and what a fun start to the baddies taking over for a month.


Justice League of America 7.1 (Deadshot #1)
These are good, a look at the history and motivations of Deadshot.

Detective Comics #23.1 (Poison Ivy #1)
With Batman gone Pamela runs amok in Gotham, the art is nice particularly the flashback scenes.

Batman and Robin #23.1 (Two Face #1)
Less flash backs and more mayhem in this one, Harvey deals his own brand of justice, the introduction of the Secret Society. It was good, but not as good as some of the villain issues.

The Flash #23.1 (Grodd #1)

The World without heroes starts to take shape as Gorilla Grodd takes over the Gem Cities, what’s not to love in watching Gorillas fighting each other and Grodd just destroying c-list villains.

Batman the Dark Knight #23.1 (Ventriloquist #1)

This was creepy, The Ventriloquist is one of my favourite villains of recent years and this issue showcases her talents, it’s very good.

Earth 2 #15.1 (Desaad #1)

Desaad is a genuine horror and this issue shows that with some pretty nasty scenes. It’s not a character I’m overly familiar with and found this very informative.

Green Lantern #23.1 (Relic #1)

This is just a straight up origin story, pretty flimsy at that. And is made up of entirely full page spreads (and one double page.) it looks great but essentially this is 19 panels, more like a children’s book than a sequential art comic, this is probably to make up for lack of actual story.

Justice League #23.1 (Darkseid #1)

I liked this, nice to see a Darkseid origin, I hadn’t read this before. Looked nice as well.

Ame-comi Girls #7

This was fun, not 100% sure how flash is a zombie when we have seen her non-zombie before. The characters were fun and Trigon was clever. Good stuff

Action Comics #23.1 (Cyborg Superman #1)
A straight up origin story, updated for the new 52 universe. It’s ok perfectly adequate. Nothing special though.

Superman #23.1 (Bizarro #1)
This is not really a Bizarro story as much as a Lex Luthor story. I’m ok with that, I don’t like Bizarro. The art in this was a little all over the place. Lex changed his age from page to page. Not terrible though nothing to write home about.

Satellite Sam #3



This is a great mix of b/w comics, sex, old time television and murder mystery. Slight issue with who is who? but they address that with a cast list at the beginning. Good stuff, different from anything else I read.

Suicide Risk #5

This was really smashing, I enjoyed this immensely. A look into the world of buying powers, a downtrodden house wife gets powers to help, he family and ends up knee capping her son and taking over a crime cartel. Magnificent.

The Emerald City of Oz #3 (of 5)

Again, I don’t read this and know I should, the cover looks amazing. I’m not sure who I buy this for, in my head I loan it to kids.



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