11th September (Villains month and 3d cover week 2)


Detective Comics #23.2 (Harley Quinn #1)

One of my previous favourite characters that I have subsequently avoided due to the New 52 reboot. Pretty much because of the over sexualisation of her and this did nothing to help, they have her literally wearing the clothes of a prostitute… wtf dc???? The issue was ok, the cover is a bit much. I hope they handle her better in the new title she is getting.

Batman #23.2 (Riddler #1)


Straight up revenge story with the Riddler giving his brand of payback to a bully Arkham guard that now works at Wayne Tower. Clever plot by Riddler well executed all finished off with a bit or pining for Batman.

Justice League #23.2 (Lobo #1)

He’s a bad man, oh boy so bad, he kills and he smuggles slaves to be killed. But this is a different new boy band looking Lobo claiming to be the real one. I sincerely hope the Main Man we know and love, kills this new imposter, because I think a pretty boy Lobo would hurt the character.

Flash #23.2 (Reverse Flash #1)
Reverse Flash has never really been a character I’ve liked or perhaps more honestly, never understood. This newer version I like a lot more. A good move for the new 52, simplifying things.

Batman and Robin #23.2 (Court of Owls #1)
A court of owls history shown through flashback and featuring modern Gotham burning. Quite interesting, but probably nothing we haven’t seen before.

Aquaman #23.1 (Black Manta #1)



This issue closely follows Forever Evil #1, showing some of the same scenes but from Black manta’s perspective. It looks like we might well have a protagonist turning against the villains. Finally what looks like a step forward in the forever evil story line.

Earth 2 #15.2 (Solomon Grundy #1)

Firstly, I can’t understand how Earth 2 is even involved in this story, being a totally different reality. Secondly, this is the worst issue so far. I’m not a Solomon Grundy fan anyway,

Batman li’l Gotham #6
This was a really fun issue, I may try to sit down with matthew set him right on all the jokes. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day issues, good stuff

Justice League of America #7.2 (Killer Frost #1)

This is a new character for me, one I found quite interesting. Not sure if she’s been seen before. An origin story with a bit of Forever Evil tie in at the end as she laments the loss of Firestorm (might be the only one 😉 ) I’d like to see more of Killer Frost.
Action Comics #23.2 (Zod #1)
Just a Zod origin, nicely done.
Superman #23.2 (Brainiac #1)
Quite an interesting Braniac origin story.
Green Lantern #23.2 (Mongul #1)
This must have caught me in a good mood, for it wasn’t that good but I found it quite amusing, I liked the tone. Mongul came across at his horrific best.
Manhattan Projects #14
Right I’m done. I’m cancelling this right now. Post haste, it’s ok sometimes but too hit and miss and I have never warmed to it.


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