18TH September (Villains month week 3)


Action Comics #23.3 (Lex Luthor #1)

This was good, just shows how magnificently mastermindy Lex is. Everything fell into place for him and was a good look into his obsession and psychosis with Superman. One of the villains best.

The Flash #23.3 (The Rogues #1)


This was also good, the rogues are a great group of villains when used correctly. This was part origin and part set up for their new mini, which should be enjoyable.

Wonder Woman #23.1 (Cheetah #1)
Cheetah is not a character I’m familiar with, so I found this a nice introduction. They used a kinda flashback then now approach to the story, which a lot of these villain issues have.
Batman and Robin #23.2 (Ra’s al ghul and the League of Assassins #1)

This was an interesting issue, which ties in with the Forever Evil plot, Ra’s rejects the Secret Society’s request to join them, with flashbacks of his history, well done.
Green Lantern #23.3 (Black Hand #1)
So glad they did not do any origin for Black Hand it’s been done to death (I thank you!) apparently he just straight out creates brain eating zombies now (and why not?) art not my style, but story was a lot better than expected.
Batman #23.3 (Penguin #1)
This was excellent, penguin showing why he is Gotham’s crime boss. The line “sometimes the bullies are right” class!
Detective Comics #23.3 (Scarecrow #1)
Scarecrow goes around rallying the troops for the forthcoming Arkham War, a comic I wasn’t going to buy, but will now look at because this was pretty good.
Superman #23.3 (H’el #1)
Didn’t enjoy this didn’t really understand 100% what was going on. If superman has a problem it’s that too many of his villains are rubbish
Justice League #23.3 (Dial E #1)

This was annoying, hard to follow and I think pretty bad.

Justice League America #7.3 (Shadow Thief #1)

This was an interesting new character, I’m not sure if Shadow Thief is a villain, I hope she appears more.


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