Bloody hell this was a strange one. “Based on true events” Guy phones up fast food place, claiming to be police accusing a young lassie behind the counter of stealing. He will be there soon.. talks them into doing all sorts to the girl. Searching, strip searching, cavity searching the list goes on. “Based on true events” if it did not claim this the movie would be terrible, but you cannot get passed the “Don’t be so stupid” “Just walk out!” “This is Bullshit!” that you want to scream at the screen. It’s a horrid film, frightening that people would be so compliant. I’m not 100% sold on it’s authenticity, I’m going to do some digging.

Also found some of the camera work frustrating and I was able to call shots before they happened… now show man drinking from straw + annoying noise. Also the shot running up the straw was lazy.

After doing some research (wikipedia) it is astounding how true to the story this movie actual was. Frightening.

Burger Joint at SFO

Burger Joint at SFO (Photo credit: Premshree Pillai)


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