25th September (Loads and loads more villains.)


Saga #14

This book is an amazingly high standard and every issue seems to have a part that just blows your mind. Lying Cat did it with one word this month when talking to a 6 year old slave girl. A magnificent comic, glad I’ve been on since the start.

Sex Criminals #1

This was a funny book, girl stops time when she orgasms. Funny sexy story, but quite intelligent to. This looks like an instant hit.

Justice League #23.4 (Secret Society #1)

This acted as a prologue to the Forever Evil storyline, not sure I followed everything that was going on, was pretty dark and the whole Earth 3 thing is unfamiliar to me. Was it enjoyable? Not sure.

Justice League America #7.4 (Black Adam #1)

photo 2

Straight up Origin story, with hints to Black Adam may be standing against The Villains. Was ok, I think the whole popular uprising in Kandaq (Middle east) using twitter and the like will not age well. Maybe I’m wrong.

Aquaman #23.2 (Ocean Master #1)

photo 3

This is about the third or fourth story told of the prison break out, this time told from Ocean Masters perspective. It’s engaging if not perhaps a bit predictable.

Batman #23.4 (Bane #1)

Another set up for the impending Arkham War, good issue as Bane sails his army into Gotham Harbour.

Wonder Woman #23.2 (First Born #1)

This was origin story done well, Azarello writes a compelling First Born story with Apollo that could have been dropped straight into the regular run and not looked out of place. This is what they should have been aiming for all along.

Batman and Robin #23.4 (Killer Croc #1)

photo 4

This was another one done well, an interesting origin with a bit of present day moving the whole Forever Evil story line forward.

Batman Superman #3.1 (Doomsday #1)

Almost in direct contrast this is a muddled uninteresting tale that explains little and has not a jot of relevance.

Green Lantern #23.4 (Sinestro #1)
Disappointing, a straight up history of Sinestro, didn’t add much, except perhaps the knowledge he let the Green Lantern who gave him his ring just die. Other than that a bit, seen it all before.

Action Comics #23.4 (Metallo #1)
as much as I think superman villains are pretty weak character wise, this was a good Metallo story.

Superman #23.4 (Parasite #1)
Again enjoyable Superman villain, always thought parasite was a bit one note, but the design of this one is very good. Looks like they have left plenty to do with this character, I won’t groan when he turns up again.

Detective Comics #23.4 (Man-Bat #1)

This was another strong issue, the art helped a lot. I like the fact that the new 52 can give some characters a new lease of life.


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