2nd October (Big Breath and back to normal.)

photo 2

Jupiter’s Legacy #3

photo 1

This is very good and look amazing, the story hasn’t let up and just seems to be leading on to better things. Frank Quietly is amazing.

Batman The Dark Knight #23.2 (Mr Freeze #1)

A Mediocre end (a week late for this issue.) This has been a mixed bag for me the Villains Month tie ins, the ones that actually had relevance to the main story were the best, there were a few good one shots, but a lot of mediocrity of which this was one.

Forever Evil #2 

This is compelling, some nice set pieces as the Crime Syndicate run amok and mop up the rest of the heroes. There are a good few threads I can’t wait to see unravel, top notch so far.  From the opening page rat being killed, through Lex putting on his suit and a full panel with him and Bizarro right through to the big reveal at the end. This is awesome.

Earth 2 #16

Nicola Scott is magnificent, the first page of this is amazing, (note to self: consider a panel of the week photo.) The battle scenes are really well choreographed and the story leaves you with a no not really???  of the wow you have broken my mind sort. Although another Evil Superman is going to get confusing.

Detective Comics #24
This to me is what is good about comics, just stories that don’t tie into anything else, just Batman taking on and beating a new baddie, this time it Wrath and he’s a good baddie. Read the 3-4 issues and don’t worry too much about anything else.

Green Lantern #24

I have a bit of fatigue when it comes to Green Lantern at the moment, there always seems to be some universe threatening event. Like Relic and the Lights Out mini event. As much as these are all good it seems like years since we have had a good old day in the life, a green lantern fights a c list bad guy and wins. Rather than fate of all existence stories. as I said, this is ok, but I want normality to set in for a while. How about establishing a status quo?

Suicide Risk #6

Ok and we’re back to the original Leo character and his adventures in South America, this was a lot easier to cope with than issue 4. I’m enjoying this series, it’s an interesting take on the guy gets powers story, with enough hooks to keep me reading.

The Movement #5

photo 3
I’m in, usually issue 5 is stick or dump issue. I’m not 100% loving this but it’s certainly good enough for me to stick with. It seems relevant in a way a lot of comics aren’t at the moment. Very street level helping the poor. The more I write the more I grow to like it.

Action Comics #24

I like the Psycho Pirate, I think however his costume could be a bit more piratey (perhaps because my boy is going through a pirate phase.) This was ok and not as bad as I fear going into a comic called Psi-war.

Hinterkind #1

This was a good first issue, mankind has fallen and only pockets remain as Goblins, trolls and fairies take over the world. It reminds me of a documentary that showed what it would be like if humans just disappeared, how sky scrapers would become eco systems and animals would escape from the zoo. Enjoying this.

The CBLDF presents Liberty Annual 2013

This is quite and interesting anthology from The Comic Book Legal Defence Fund. most of the short stories are relating to censorship, I buy this because it’s a good cause. Some of those stories are good though.


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