9th October (promising a lot.)

photo 1

Hulk: Agents of S.M.A.S.H. #1

This is one I bought for a kid, was quite fun hope he enjoys it.

Batman l’il Gotham #7

As above, quite like this series, not 100% behind the art choices but it’s good.

Superman Wonder Woman #1

I’m sold, this was good. They have obviously decided they need to start big and who bigger than Doomsday? Art looked smashing and the story was smart, I liked the way the panels mixed location but was still easy enough to follow, well done.

Batgirl #24

photo 2


Consistently one of the best comics on the shelves. Action and family drama are the mainstay of this book as Barabara Gordon attempts to come to terms with here Dad’s hunt and hatred of her alter-ego, for her part in the death of James Gordon Jnr. This is top quality work

Batman #24

photo 3

The conclusion of the Red Hood Year One storyline. really enjoyable and a few references to iconic scenes. With enough ambiguity left, that ultimately nothing matters too much. (The story of comics.)

Nightwing #24
A bit too much in this issue I’m kinda, not sure who that was and not sure if they told me that before or I just don’t get it. Good storyline let down by a poor ending.

Green Lantern Corps #24
Nice continuation of story, really just a massive battle issue which works well as an act 2. Some nice moments.

World’s Finest #16
This was ok, just starting a new storyline after last issues big wrap up. I’d like more comics to be like this self contained, introduce new villain, figure out how to beat villain (next month, hopefully) art was a bit of a let down.

Manhattan Projects #15
Got 2 pages in and stopped reading, then put issues 1-15 up for sale. I’m done, some of this was very good, but too much crazy nonsense for me to wade through.


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