16th Oct (Evil certainly seems to be Forever, kinda like Diamonds.)

photo 1

Justice League of America #8

photo 4

I have to say I struggle with, being trapped within your own mind and other dimension story lines. J’onn J’onz explores a prison that seems to have the members of the Justice League all trapped and fighting their own battles which exploit their personal weaknesses. Stargirl manages to escape the prison which appears to be located in Washington DC which the Villains have taken over. it’s a perfectly functional mid-story issue.

Three #1

This is written as Kieron Gillen’s response to 300. Sparta was not a nice place run by noble free folk, it was in fact largely held in place by people who where lower than slaves, whom the noble Spartans hunted for sport and killed at will. (Helots.) I think he is going for historically accurate, which even he states will be difficult given the Spartans kept no records. This is enough to have me coming back every month.

Forever Evil : Arkham War #1

photo 3

Bane is invading Gotham with his army, Mayor Penguin is trying to marshall his Arkam escapees in the fight for the city and there are no Superheroes to interfere. This is good stuff, art a bit all over the place although it does have a smashing cover.

Forever Evil : Rogues Rebellion #1

First off, I really like the Rogues they are done well here as they struggle to save Central City and in doing so incur the wrath of the Crime Syndicate. It must be said the 2nd half of this book has some of the worst art I’ve ever seen in a main stream comic.

Justice League of America’s Vibe #8

This should be better, funnier and more relevant to the DC Universe than it is, this is all a bit blah.

Wonder Woman #24

photo 2

This is very much a transitional issue, the first 23 issue story arc has just finished and Azarello is now setting up a war storyline. This continues the take on Wonder Woman that pays scant regard to the Justice League and Superman Wonder Woman version of Diana and is all the stronger for it. It also looks great.

Green Lantern New Guardians #24

The cover was ropey and this continued into the whole issue art wise. Story, all entities and colours and who controls them all a bit over my head. Was passable though.

Batman and Two-Face #24

This has become, just another Batman title, I’m not sure what it is meant to be now. It used to Batman and Robin, then Robin had an unfortunate incident and it became Batman and ??? these subsequent issues were Batman working through his grief. At one point trying to cut up Frankenstein to figure out how to reanimate people, he had it bad. This however seem to be worked out and this is just a straight up, Batman and Two Face story. It’s quite an interesting story as they both try to take down the Irish gangster that turned Harvey Dent into Two Face and killed his wife, I imagine it’s 2 parts, the story is perfectly fine, the art is pretty off at some points though.

Ame-Comi Girls #8

I’m still not 100% sure what the premise of this whole universe is, it’s an all girl cast which I get, but I feel there is something I’m missing. That said I do enjoy it. This was 3 separate stories, the first was a Big Barda story, some design choices surrounding the 4th world characters seemed a bit wonky. The other 2 stories White Canary and Mera both were fun and looked great.

Batman Superman #4

The art for me is a major problem, I struggle to engage in the story which was in itself quite interesting. This was the end of the first arc, if this art style continue on to the next issue I’ll probably drop this.

Batwoman #24

Batwoman and Bone (D.E.O.) finally bait the trap to lure Batman into a fight and his ultimate unmasking. This issue looks great as usual and I can’t wait for the next one.

Supergirl #24

Glad this storyline is over, hopefully a new arc may herald in a new tone, if not I may be off.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #24

Crazy bonkers supernatural powers, no idea what’s going on, also looked a little ropey at times. This should be kick ass fun, the next story better be or again I could be triming some fat.


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