23rd October (a mixed bag.)

photo 1

Jonah Hex #24

This is just good clean fun, the end sets me on edge a little as future issues appear to involve Jonah facing off against demons with the help of John Constantine mmmmm! Although if I trusted anyone to do it well it would be Palmiotti and Gray.

Velvet #1

Cold War Crime thriller, interesting start as Velvet Templeton (a Miss Moneypenny character.) is the protagonist and Baddest ass in her particular Spy Dept. A Nice 1970’s look and feel.

Satellite Sam #4

photo 4

This is starting to drag a little, I’m also having trouble distinguishing characters partly due to the B/W. The covers are awesome.

Aquaman #24

photo 2

I enjoyed this and it looks great. This is what superhero comics should be about.

Sandman #1

This is a re-release to coincide with the new series. I think I have the first trade paperback which I am going to now dig out and re-read. That’s probably the best review possible.

Justice League #24

Really enjoyable, Ultraman origin (Bad Superman.) Looked great, cracking 2 page spread of Black Adam/Ultraman fighting not a lot of forward momentum plot wise, but enough.

Catwoman #24

photo 3


I was really looking forward to this, I had heard Joker’s Daughter had made a big splash in the Villains month (but sadly missed the issue.) I was a bit disappointed when she played such a small role and Catwoman is still in some underground Gotham world. Which is all a bit implausible. I Know I Know it’s all a bit implausible, but this even within the Batman framework.

Red Lanterns #24

Guy appears to be going full on Red and cutting his ties with the Green. It’s just a good ole comic tale.

Superman #24

Thankfully the end of the Psi-wars storyline. Nothing wrong with it and this issue was easier to follow, just that kind of thing is not for me.

Suicide Squad #24

I bought this because of the Forever Evil tie in, it was ok. I’ll try to remember to pick up issue 25, if I don’t I can’t imagine I’ll be overly concerned.

Larfleeze #4

This tries so hard to be funny and maybe it’s just me, but it’s under performing. I’ll be hoping for a right good 5th issue in order to hang on.

The Green Team #5

This is do or die time for a comic, Issue 5 tends to be when I make a cut/keep choice and this one is…… Gone.

The Flash #24

Beautiful and well done as usual.

Sex Criminals #2

This is quickly becoming one of my favourite books, it’s just good (dirty) fun and the amazingly frank letters page had me giggling a few times.


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