30th October (a wee week.)

photo 1

Saga #15

This is another brilliant issue of a brilliant series. Art and writing are both wonderful. Good cliff hanger.

Damian: Son of Batman #1 0f 4

photo 3

This was very nice looking, I’m not sure if it was conceived before the death of Damien or working on the presumption he will be resurrected. It’s an interesting tale of Robin gone mad after the death of Batman.

Nightwing Annual #1

Green Lantern Annual #2

The final part of the Relic Lights Out crossover. It was ok a perfectly serviceable issue that tied things up with some nice moments. I much prefer when Annuals are self contained though, but hey ho.

Thought Bubble Anthology 2013

photo 2

There were good and bad stories in this, nothing jumped out as great, I’d imagine it’s the type of thing I’d buy every year just to see.

The Sandman Overture #1

This looked great, I’m not for 1 minute going to pretend I knew the first thing about what was going on.


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