6th November (falling behind again.)

photo 1

Hinterkind #2

This was an interesting issue, but I can’t help but have the bagging doubt that it could go either way by issue 5, I’ll love it or cut it.

Superman Unchained #4

I think the fact I’ve not read this for 2 months due to villains month is really making me struggle to get the story, it looks nice though.

The Movement #7

I lost the train with this story, but it was still ok, I enjoy this. looks nice too a bit like Amanda Connor, but not that good.

Detective Comics #26

photo 4


This was very good, Jim Gordon’s first year at GCPD the art was excellent and the story different enough to be interesting.


Green Lantern #26

This is getting back on track, tried a bit of space cop, tried a bit of humour. lets hope.

Action Comics #26

photo 2

This was good, 2 Year Zero Superman stories, both done very well, I like this kind of thing. Just simple stories told simply.

Hulk Agents of Smash #2

I know this is not aimed at me and is as far as I can figure an adaptation of a cartoon story, I’m not sure it’s working though, I hope my Godson like this.

Earth 2 #18

Bad Superman runs amok and batters Dr Fate, this is the first issue after James Robinson left as writer. It’s ok, but I’ll stay as long as Nicola Scott is on art duties because she is magnificent

Emerald City of Oz #

I don’t read this, I buy it to keep, I should read it though.

Forever Evil #3

This was again very good, I’m enjoying the Villains getting together to fight worse villains. Looks great.

Suicide Risk #7

This series is moving along nicely, Art and story both well done.

Batman Superman #5

photo 3

I enjoyed the art so much more, this will be a keeper for now.


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