13th November (

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Justice League of America #9

This looks great. More Stargirl exploring the prison of the mind that the rest of the Justice Leagues are trapped in. I like that they are giving her a big role, she’s a great character.

Green Lantern Corp #25

Zero Year tie in. Pre-Lantern John Stewart and the marines have to rescue people from a Superdome type disaster in Gotham, things go wrong. There is also a backstory of police brutality and racism involving John’s mother when she was young. A decent Moral tale. Art patchy in places but overall a fine issue.

Manhattan Projects #16

I don’t read this because it is rubbish.

Batgirl #25

Zero Year tie in, good issue, nothing special. I would have prefered regular writer Gail Simone’s take on this period of Barbara’s life. Looked fine though.

Superman Wonder Woman #2

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This was Brilliant, looked great and the story was interesting. Apollo bitch slaps Superman who gets up and proceeds to leather Apollo, Add in Doomsday and Zod, rock a doodle do!

Batman Li’l’ Gotham #8

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This is for Kids, it was a lot of fun.

Forever Evil :Arkham War #2

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Chaotic Scenes as Bane’s Army fights man-bats and also a nice prison riot. A little hard to follow all the duplicity that dealing with villains brings.

Nightwing #25

Zero Year, A perfectly serviceable young Dick Grayson story.

Vibe #9

I don’t feel this book ever really had a chance, the tone is all wrong and the story just too complex. He’s the 2nd youngest member of the JLA (Play on that and ask yourself why the youngest isn’t getting HER own book.) They should have made it fun, I think the next issue is the last.

Batman #25

Zero Year I like these stories that take place in different times. This is well drawn and written. The Harper Row back-up story was a nice touch, she’s such an interesting character. Nice to see the wee girl who when she grows up Batman punches her face.

World’s Finest #17

Huntress and Powergirl have a lot of fun as PG’s powers come and go and leave Huntress to fight the big bad, also she tries to get a tattoo, the Huntress cat/bat tattoo was awesome.


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