20th November (sexy criminals and the controversial Harley Quinn.)

photo 1

Batwoman #25

One of the big problems with the Zero Year issues is, they all get a bit samey, Young Kate Kane has an adventure in the dark and rain in Gotham, during which she brushes against significant people from her future.

Sex Criminals #3

Great Fun, great comic, love the letters page as much as the comic. Could be best new comic of the year.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #25

Improvement on last issue still not 100% on board. If next issue is not a big W it may get cancelled

Harley Quinn #0

photo 2

So Much Fun, 17 different artists, almost one a page. I know I’m going to love this, Palmiotti and Connor are going to write an awesome book.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2

Art was a bit poor, story was good though. A bit of overlap from the main title book, but that’s not a criticism.

Batman and Two Face #25

This is back on track, just good old comics fun.

Supergirl #25

Couldn’t finish this, it’s awful. I would have cancelled it forthwith, but a new creative team starts next issue, so they have one chance to change the tone, turn things around and keep me.

Wonder Woman #25

photo 3

I enjoy my monthly catchups with the most dysfunctional family in comics, The Olympus Gods, even if I struggle to keep track of their ever increasing numbers. This is a classic comic tale in the making.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #25

Zero Year, young Jason Todd has an adventure in the dark in the rain in Gotham and brushes up against people who will be significant in his future, this time Joker and Talia Al Ghul.


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