November 27th (a poor week for covers.)

photo 1

Flash #25

photo 3

Pre-Flash Barry Allen meets Iris West in this Zero Year tie-in. Perfectly functional, I don’t have super powers but I’m still a hero storyline. Was a bit in the middle that I read a few times and I’m still not sure what happened, other than that. Fine.

Green Team #6

Some big fight in space, couldn’t be bothered to read anymore, not good, cancelled.

Jonah Hex #25

As expected the introduction of Constantine and then Swamp Thing did nothing to improve a story, I had been enjoying. Now with all the magic , it’s not good, it’s the first real wrong step that Palmiotti and Gray have made with this character so it’s forgiveable. Small quibble I hate when the covers are entirely different from book.

Damien son of Batman #2

This is getting bad reviews, I think it’s just a bit different, but yeah it appears quite dated and perhaps a bit backslappy self aggrandizing. That said it’s not awful.

Catwoman #25

photo 2

Another Zero Year another, character just finding their feet, in a non-origin story kinda way. It was ok, quite enjoyable, certainly better than the fighting entire cities under Gotham storyline that is bogging down the title.

Beware the Batman #2

Bought this for my nephew, didn’t get the chance to read it before having to pass it on. If it’s anything like the cartoon of the same name, it’ll be rubbish.

Saga #16

This was once again the usual high standard of awesome that I have come to expect, art wonderful and the story just fantastic and a great letters page.

Red Lanterns #25

This is good, it was funny, new life has been given to this series with Guy Gardner, long may it continue.

Superman #25

unreadable guff, I spend too much money on bad comics, this title is now on it’s last chance.

Aquaman #25

A decent ending to the storyline, I like the art in these books. You can tell this is a Geoff Johns labour of love as he piles on layers of storyline that seem planned to go on for years, if it’s good, why not?

Larfleeze #5

This is funny it also had quite an emotional sting in the tail, moving this into the Subscription list with my next order. Praise?


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