You Are Not So Smart – David McRaney

This was quite an interesting book, although it seemed to take me forever to read. It was another psychology book explaining how the mind doesn’t work the way we think it does, it was both informative and easy to follow, which is good going for quite a complex topic. I had a quibble, it has been translated from American examples to British examples, I don’t think this was done very well and I would have prefered it with the original ones. They missed too many and then started me 2nd guessing the authors origin, which I found annoying. Leave it as it is I’m not an idiot.

Shea Smith, the former quarterback of the Air ...

Shea Smith, the former quarterback of the Air Force Falcons, looks to pass during the 2007 Armed Forces Bowl. Español: Shea Smith, el ex mariscal de campo de los halcones de las Fuerzas Aéreas, se pase el fútbol durante el Armed Forces Bowl de 2007. Français : Le Quarterback Shea Smith juste avant de faire une passe. Suomi: Pelinrakentaja Shea Smith valmistautuu syöttämään. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Would I recommend this book? Yes read it and realise none of us have a real clue what’s going on.




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