4th December (again, no great covers.)

photo 1

Suicide Risk # 8

This is a very up and down series. This was another good one coming off the bad of one that was less so. Good enough on the whole to keep me interested.

Detective Comics #26

photo 3


This was a fun well done tale involving Batman taking on Queen Bat with the help of Man Bat, I know I know but please try and keep up.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H #3

photo 2


Good fun comic for kids, this week had some Spidey action.

Batman Superman #6

Looks great, interesting story, not sure I’m following it all but get the feeling that may be by design. Vague writing setting up a big reveal, let’s hope so otherwise I’m a dafty.

Earth 2 #18   interesting enough story with a lot of nice surprises. A favourite book for sure.

Action Comics #26

Touching story and the introduction of Ghost Soldier, who can hurt Superman with his phasing powers. A fair bit of time spent on the Lana Lang relationship. Enjoyable

Hinterkind #3

This series is ticking over nicely, I know it may be an obvious comparison, but it is scratching my Sweet Tooth itch. No bad thing.

Velvet #2

I’m still not In or OUT with this book, I can see the merits of this Cold War thriller with a female protagonist. Not sure if I have enough love of the spy genre to keep me interested , I’ll give it a few more.

Green Lantern #26

I like this, It’s a return to Space Cops fighting baddies, what it should be (mostly.)


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