Mad Love

This is a Bruce Timm and Paul Dini, collection of Batman stories. Most of the main characters appear, but the big draw is Harley Quinn. This has the look and feel of the Batman The Animated Series and is just a lot of rip roaring cartoon fun, this is not your brooding Dark Knight and Joker, this is played for laughs and is very good.


There are some genuinely touching moments Harley and her need for the Joker’s love, The Ventriloquist trying (and failing) to go straight and The Scarecrow turning bad again for all the right reasons. In fact as I write this, the Two Face story at the end is also pretty poignant. The only downside is the Etrigan The Demon story, but maybe I just don’t like that character. (which may prove troublesome as Demon Knights is the next collection I intend to read.) If you haven’t yet fallen in love with Harley Quinn read this and join the rest of us.


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