December 18th (falling behind.)


Red Hood and The Outlaws #26

I have problems with the mystical direction this comic took. I don’t think it was necessary, I like the characters but I feel if the next story arc does not have a grounding in a “real” (yeah I know!) world I may be jumping off.

Wonder Woman #26


In contrast, strange mystical worlds done very well, Old Gods dying, New Gods appearing. This is truly one of the best and certainly the most epic thing DC comics is doing right now.

Batman and Two Face #26



This is an interesting and enjoyable book, which benefits from not being tied into 100 other titles.

Saga #17

Fantastic, Sad and shocking. Letters page also great.

Harley Quinn #1

Wonderful, Great comic fun. Only downside, I wish Amanda Connor had drawn this. Harley looks like a Heroin Addict in some of the panels. Truly superb start.

Supergirl #26

I don’t know if it’s me or a damning indictment of the book, I can’t remember this. (sorry!)

Forever Evil : Rogues Rebellion #3

A nice complimentary title to the main story, the appearance of The Ventriloquist had me on the edge of my seat smiling, Fun.

Green Lantern : New Guardians #26

I’m done with this, it was a bit of a long shot of a book, it’s not worth keeping up.

Vibe #10

Glad this is done, one of the biggest let downs of the New 52


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