1st Jan (New Year loads of comics.)

photo 1

All Star Western #26

Jonah Hex has a hallucination of the old west, wakes to find he is still knocking about with John Constantine and the Swamp Thing, then he has a run in with Superman. I hope he’s back in the old west for real soon.

Larfleeze #6

Wordy but fun, art is very busy.

photo 3

Batwoman #26

Some controversy surrounding the departure of the old creative team, over the issue of Batwoman’s Marriage. It was handled a bit heavily here with a lot of “gay marriage” references. Art was also very static, everything looked posed. Decent enough story.

photo 2

Aquaman #26

The problem with running late with your reviews is sometimes you forget to take notes and then totally forget comic, is this a review in itself? I think I enjoyed it, although it looks as if they are setting up for the return of Aquaman’s team, which may not be welcome.

photo 4

Red Lanterns #26

This is good, I enjoy the direction the Reds are going.

Damian son of Batman #3

another I have failed to take notes on, this wasn’t good, it’s a 4 issue mini so no point cancelling after 3…..

Catwoman #26

This is really a struggle, such a bad premise for a long drawn out story. Joker’s Daughter character also a bit of a let down. Am I considering cancelling Catwoman….. not yet….. but for the first time it’s been suggested.

Superman Unchained #5

Interesting enough story, high on melodrama and the art is a bit much

Green Team #7

Couldn’t bring myself to read this after how bad the last issue was… Cancelled.

Beware the Batman #3

I buy this for my Nephew, I didn’t read.

The Flash #26

I need to be fastidious taking notes or this whole venture is not worth while. I’m sure I liked it.

Superman #26

One of the best issues for a while, the Superman/Wonder Woman/ Lois Lane love triangle was nice and well done.

sorry for the gaps, I’ll try to get better.




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