8th January (Historic week???)

photo 1

Green Lantern #27

The start of another (yes another.) cross over event, boy does the Green Lantern Universe like those. Interesting enough though.

Sex Criminals #4

Good Fun, just good dirty fun. Letters page also awesome

Suicide Risk # 9

Good again, this is such an up and down book.

Hinterkind #4

This is one issue away from cut/keep week. I’m still undecided it’s ok but hasn’t grabbed me.

Forever Evil Arkham War #4

forgot to take notes…. Bane fighting dressed up as Batman if I remember right…

The Movement #8

This is good and the more I remember who is who the better it becomes.

photo 2

Detective Comics #27

A good look back on what is a historic issue for Detective Comics, The story of Batman changing few the years is probably the best comic of the year so far. (in fact i’m going to find the writer and tweet that to him right now.) The rest were of a good standard. The start of the new Gothtopia storyline makes it look like it could be a good one.

Action Comics #27

Story was a fine continuation of the last issue, art was all over the place and sometimes down right awful.

Earth 2 #19

This is good action adventure, a little hard to follow with all the other similar stuff going on in the regular DC Universe though.

photo 3

Batman/Superman #7

This is a bit more confusing than I normally like, hard to follow what is real and what is in the computer game. I’m not captured by this book which is a pity, because I really want to love it.


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