15th January (

photo 1

Green Lantern Corps #27

Things are ramping up nicely for the next event… yeah I know.

photo 2

Batgirl #27

I love the “Bluebird” design on the front cover. This story is certainly different and I think I’m going to enjoy Gothtopia

Batman Li’L’ Gotham #10

Just good clean fun. I’m going to ask my God son if he likes these.

Nightwing #27

Interesting story, hard to follow at times and it looks like Dick’s been made.

Justice League of America #11

Stargirl and J’onn travel across America and have battles along the way, this issue drags a bit and feels like a place holder while we wait for the main story to unfold elsewhere.

photo 3

Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #4

This is fun in a kind of “Warriors” way.

World’s Finest #19

I like this, I like the characters, art is a bit sloppy at times.

Velvet #3

This is good looking and a good story. I’m thinking of going trade after the first 6 issues. Which I’ve not done for a while.

Superman/Wonder Woman #4

This is comics done well, both art and story are very good. This concept could fail in other hands but it is thriving in the hands of Soule and Daniel



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