22nd January (sexy covers.)

photo 1

Batman #27

More Zero Year, some touching moments between Bruce and Alfred and Batman and Gordon. Nice story, Zero Year could be well on it’s way to becoming a classic Batman story.

Batman and two face #27

I’ve said it before this is good Ol’ Batman story telling.


Francis Manapul was a good fit to take over the art on this book. He does the “big” pages very well, although this was a very quick comic because there were so many of them.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #27

at the end of this issue Jason Todd looks straight at the camera and says “I’d like to spend a few months punching regular baddies without worrying about imortals or mind wipes or anything like that.” That’ s prett much my review, let’s get back to normal.

Justice League #27

Very wordy, not a lot of action, 2 Doom Patrol members who are unknown to me were killed and Cyborg got a make-over. lots of words.

Supergirl #27

Better, a lot better. Don’t like New Lobo, like old Lobo.

photo 3

Wonder Woman #27

This is a great well written and good looking book, All the pieces seem to be moving around towards the end game. Not 100% following it, but certainly enjoying it.

New Guardians #27

This was one of the better issues, I kinda wish I hadn’t read it since I cancelled the series after the last issue, these things won’t happen if I ever catch up.

photo 2

Harley Quinn #2

This is brilliant, the only problem for me is the presentation of Harley herself, much prefer the old costume over the new “sexier” 52 version. Also the eyes and the make-up look awful, she is grey rather than white. The writing and everything else is really fun.


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