29th January (couldn’t afford this every week.)

photo 1

Red Lanterns #27

Long awaited (for me anyway!) reunion of Guy and Ice. I loved this couple in the old JLI days. This issue has Guy and a few other Reds paying a tourist visit to Earth with chaos ensuing. This is a great turn around for this series that was flagging a bit.

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. #4

Didn’t read this (for Godson.)

Superman #27

Superman faced an interesting Dilemma, did he risk Lois life to save his own secret identity? Big fight with Parasite, art was a bit rough in places, but I don’t hate Parasite as a character anymore, so that’s cool.

All Star Western #27

This was the best Jonah Hex in the modern day issue so far. He meets and has a chat with Superman and visits a museum dedicated to him. Better.

photo 2

Larfleeze #7

Not sure what this is or what it’s meant to be, it might all be a bit much.

Green Team #8

Didn’t read this because frankly it’s awful

Damian son of Batman #4

Big Disappointment.

photo 5

Five Weapons #6

Interesting start to the 2nd Arc of the Five Weapons series. I enjoy this story and the art.

Saga #18

Brilliant, just brilliant

Earth 2 Annual #2

photo 3

A very interesting take on the Earth 2 Batman. I really like that it is Thomas Wayne trying to atone for his shady past. Hopefully I do not write this into Eath 1 cannon in my head.

World’s Finest Annual #1

This is a fun stroy from Earth 2 days when Power Girl was Supergirl and Huntress was Robin, art was light and the story was well done.

Batman and Robin Annual #2

This was touching, Damian had left Dick Grayson aa present to find after his death, a nice Flashback Dick as Robin story.

Catwoman #27

Gothtopia, it’s really intriguing trying to figure out what’s going on. I like the look of the new costumes.

Beware the Batman #4

Not Read (buy for Nephew.)

Aquaman #27

This is just good comicing???

photo 4

Flash #27

Start of a story arc in which Barry Allen tries to solve his mother’s murder, there seems to be a supernatural element, MMMM!!!!! (I’ll let it go if it’s good.) New art looks nice.


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