5th February (

photo 1

Hinterkind #5

piss or get off the potty time with this one, and it’s a keeper (for now) there is enough sucking me in for the next instalment.

Suicide Risk #10

this was a good issue, explains the back story of the people giving out the powers, but still leaving the powers themselves a mystery.

photo 4

Detective Comics #28

i like Gothtopia, looks cracking and reads well.

photo 2

Green Lantern/Red Lantern #28

I can’t go on enough about how good Red Lanterns is getting, the whole universe is being well written and for the first time in a while feels cohesive.

Forever Evil #5

i enjoyed this, the art was a bit static at times but it was fast moving and enjoyable.

Batman: Joker’s Daughter one shot

This started poorly and got better, I loved the concept of the Joker’s Daughter, but up until now I have found the execution somewhat lacking. This got better and turned out ok, a good primer.

Forever Evil : Arkham War #5

Just another chapter in the battle, good stuff though

photo 3

Earth 2 #20

Fun, not sure what Aquawoman is wearing or what it is made of, or if it’s practical or even enough

The Movement #9

Gail Simone introduces Batgirl to The Movement and it’s certainly not a buddy team up issue. Gail Simone is a fantastic writer and her Batgirl is a joy to read.

Action Comics #28

Forgetable issue? Perhaps, I forgot to write review and now can’t remember it.


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