Movie a Day for 2015, Week One

Day One: A rewatching of an old favourite, the original Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, not much can be added about this movie, I wish I’d watched the older, Han Shot first, version. Also I watched a little on the 31st December and finished it on Day One so not technically cheating. Watched it on recorded TV.


Day Two: Son of Batman, a DC Animation, a good story and Damian is a character I enjoy, quite why Talia Al Ghul couldn’t zip her combat suit up and insisted in fighting in high heels perplexed me. I watched this over 2 days when my TV was being used by other family members. Watched on Computer.


Day Three: 42, this is the story of Jackie Robinson, the first Black Player to play Major League Baseball, it’s a story I’m very familiar with. Harrison Ford was very good as Branch Rickey. Watched on DVD with wife.


Day Four: Top Gun, had never really watched this movie properly before, enjoyed it, wasn’t too impressed by plane scenes, I liked the Music and the whole 80’s vibe. Watched it on recorded TV over a few days.

top gun

Day Five: Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex (but where afraid to ask.) This was awful and certainly not funny, I bought a Woody Allen Box set in preparation for this challenge, starting to doubt my decision. A really horrid film. Watched on DVD


Day 6: Giving Woody Allen 2 days in a row after yesterday’s horror show was admittedly a bit daunting. However, I did like Annie Hall, I may have liked it more if the taste of Everything you wanted to know about sex, wasn’t still in my mouth. However, I don’t understand how it ended up with a best picture oscar, Diane Keaton was Good though. Watched on DVDAnnie-Hall-23

Day Seven Movie seven: The Chronicles of Narnia, Voyage of the Dawn Treader. A good old family romp, to change the tone a little from Woody Allen’s self obsession. I enjoyed this movie it is well done with a warmness of spirit. Watched recorded on TV, culred up with my 4 year old


So that’s the first week done, I’ve selected shorter movies to get me started, so the challenge may become tougher as time goes on. No real struggles to complete this week though.


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