Movie a Day 2015: Week 2

Day eight Movie 8: Manhattan, I continue on my ill-fated Woody Allen adventure, I’m not going to hide it, he makes me squeamish, he’s written, Directed and Starring in a movie in which he has put himself in bed with an underage girl. I didn’t enjoy this at all. Watched on DVD


Day Nine Movie Nine: Hannah and Her Sisters. Ok The Woody Allen Box set was a bad purchase, this was probably the most watchable of the 4, although that is damning with faint praise. I don’t even like Michael Caine. Could have been worse could have been a set of 5 dvd’s. Watched on DVD


Day Ten Movie Ten: Birdman, I thoroughly enjoyed this film, although my good lady wife didn’t enjoy it as much, Michael Keaton, Ed Norton and Emma Stone are all big favourites of mine, so this looked like a winner and turned out to be one. Not sure what to make of the ending though, I like my ending tied in a nice big bow and this was my only fault with the movie, but most certainly a “must watch” Movie.


Day 11 Movie 11: Amelie, I love this movie, it’s quirky, it’s charming, it is wonderfully bright and I love Paris, I could fall in love with Audrey Tautou’s Character. I’d imagine after I have done my 365 movies this year, this could be top ten. Watched on Amazon Prime


Day 12 Movie 12: The Imitation Game, what a good movie, I enjoyed the story and got suitably upset about the ending and outraged at how people in the past (and even now) got treated so badly, I did leave the theatre with a tear in my eye at the wasted opportunity that Alan Turing’s death symbolised. Benedict Cumberbatch and Kiera Knightly were very good and Charles Dance was his usual brillianty self. Watched in the Cinema


Day 13 Movie 13: The Pianist, a hard watch, so sad and I didn’t realise it was a true story until the end credits. I’d normally shy away from a Roman Polanski film, but I would recomend this. watched on DVD


Day 14 Movie 14: Megamind I enjoyed this and thought it was pretty clever and funny, I watched it with my 4 year old and he wasn’t as grabbed by it, perhaps a little too clever and not enough action for the younger audience. Watched recorded on TV


Wasn’t too hard a week, best new movie I watched The Imitation Game, best old movie Amelie


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