Movie a Day 2015: Week 3

Day 15 Movie 15: Some Kind of Wonderful. A fantastically 80’s teen a lot of Nonsense and a lot of fun. Although, the obvious choice for me from the beginning was the friend….. Watched on DVD


Day 16 Movie 16: Scream. I’m not big on horror movies but this is light on actual gore and heavy on stupid teenagers making bad decisions, I enjoyed the deconstruction of the genre. Entertaining watched on dvd


Day 17 Movie 17: Scream 2. More of the same and still attempting to be very clever with it, the baddie would be like fighting Frank Spencer, the amount of time he gets put on his arse or falls over, I’d give this pass marks. watched on dvd


Day 18 Movie 18: Scream 3. This was more of a live action Scooby Do, groups of folk running around a mansion being chased by the bad guy, a poor finish to the trilogy….. but then I discover there is a 4th movie??? I’ve been assured it’s better than 3 so might look it up.watched on dvd.

scream 3

Day 19 Movie 19: Pale Rider. Good Ole Western, I don’t know if perhaps I’m just getting old, but I was concerned who was going to have to clean up all the dead bodies that were left lying around at the end. Thoroughly enjoyable watched on dvd.


Day 20 Movie 20: Calvary. This was a beautiful and bleak movie about a Good Priest who awaits his death in a weeks time. It was like watching Ireland trying to work through its issues with relation to the financial collapse, religion in the 21st century and pedophilia by the Church. Some comic moments, well worth a watch. Watched on Love Film DVD.


Day 21 Movies 21 and 22: The Watcher in the Woods. This was the totally out there choice of my wee fella, he thought Bette Davis looked a bit like a witch on the poster, which was good enough for him. It was actually a pretty scary batshit bonkers Disney movie about child possession by inter-dimensional beings, strange mystical rites, worth a watch just to see what Disney was serving kids in the 80’s. Watched on Amazon Prime.


Divergent. The obvious comparisons with this movie is The Hunger Games (fighting kids, future after a big civil war, female lead.) This was ok, I’m pretty sure that the books must have made a better job of explaining the world as this didn’t make complete sense to me. As a film it was ok, I’d give it pass marks, but can’t imagine I’d be rushing to the cinema for the sequel. Watched on Love Film DVD.


Week 3 got me a movie ahead, which is good to have one in the bank, come holidays and other days I can’t manage to watch one, I’d like to have had a few more done by this point, but then I have to live a life and read book and comics and watch TV as well. First world problems I know.


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