Movie a Day 2015 Week 4

Day 22 Movie 23: Foxcatcher. what a crazy messed up story…. absolute tragedy…. makes for a good film though. Steve Carell was excellent.


Day 23 Movie 24: Unforgiven    I love me a good western, not sure how I’d never seen this one before… Really enjoyed it. watched on DVD


Day 24 Movie 25: Dallas Buyers Club  Interesting story Matthew McConaghy was very good, what a transformation. watched on Love Film DVD


Day 25 Movie 26: Red Riding Hood Not sure how this ended up on my list, it was ridiculous fun, quite enjoyable. watched on amazon prime


Day 26 Movie 27: Seve Wonderful film about a very exceptional person, totes emosh watched on love film dvd


Day 27 Movie 28: The Outlaw Josey Wales Clint Eastwood is very good, he must be the 3rd or 4th best cowboy watched on dvd


Day 28 Movie 29: Whiplash Powerful movie about dedication, drive and Arseholes in the world of Jazz Drumming… Didn’t follow the subtleties of drumming but good watch.



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