Movie a Day 2015 Week 5

Day 29 Movie 30: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis…. I enjoyed it, Scott enjoyed it, just enough fighting for him.


Day 30 Movie 31: Under The Skin…. Scarlett Johansson drives around Glasgow asking guys for directions. That’s what I got from this dark/dreary/depressing film. Apparently she’s an alien if it hadn’t been for the dvd blurb I’d have no idea what was going on, read it and still didn’t. watched on love film dvd


Day 31 Movie 32: Hector and the Search For Happiness…. Ok, rich psychiatrist going out with Rosamund Pike (lovely and not at all Gone Girl.) decides he’s unhappy. So he goes to Asia/China the only female he talks to there turns out to be a prostitute. Then he goes to “Africa” it’s a hell hole he gets kidnapped by a Warlord and only gets out because of the only South American in the whole movie helps him…. Guess what he does for a living???? Yip Druglord… Turns out he finds the secret to happiness, fortunately so did Rosamund Pike, who had found it sitting it the house….. Total poppycock. watched on amazon prime


Day 31 Movie 33: another 2 movie Day Big Hero 6. Really enjoyed it. I particularly liked San Fransokyo I thought it was amazing looking, very clever.


Day 32 Movie 34: The Craft, Not sure how this got on my list, scary teenage witches doing scary murdery stuff and there was rats and snakes and cockroaches and crazy chanting…. I’ll not sleep well tonight. watched on amazon prime


Day 33 movie 35: Superman: The Movie, ending a bit off, not a big fan of Lois casting but this is wonderful (I’d forgotten how good.) this is my Superman. watched on dvd


Day 34 Movie 36: Lone Survivor. Hard watch and some epic people falling scenes, well worth a watch.


Day 35 Movie 37: Wreck it Ralph… Good fun and Scott liked which is good. watched on dvd



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