Movie a Day 2015 Week 6.

Day 36 Movie 38: The 39 Steps…. Superb film, so dated the plot is laughable…. Still Wonderful. watched on recorded tv

Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll in The 39 Steps

Day 37 Movie 39: Philomena… Really powerful film, great work from Judi Dench and Steve Coogan… watched on dvd borrowed from mum


Day 37 Movie 40: The Railway Man… Another 2 movie day and 2nd powerful movie. Colin Firth as Lomax and the fella who played Young Lomax were very good. Horrible story. watched on love film dvd


Day 38 Movie 41: Kingsman: Secret Service… 2 Colin Firth movies in a row. This was enjoyable (for me, Dolina, not as much.) I totally agree though with people who have a problem with the Swedish Princess bit at the end. watched at the movies


Day 39 movie 42: Into The Wild…. Cracking story, made difficult by the heavy narration “the river of his life reversed and started running up hill and in his malaise he felt the impending doom of one more high school prom alone and without Peanut M and M’s” watched on recorded tv


Day 40 movie 43: Superman II another enjoyable movie. Realised how much Courtney Cox looks and acts like Margot Kidder. Not sure if it is Superman canon that his kisses can wipe minds. watched on dvd


Day 41 movie 44: Maradona by Kusturica…. Wow not sure what to make of this… Fantastic documentary of a nutter….. Some of it was amazing must watch for football fans. “Hand of God” watched on dvd borrowed from dad (which i bought him and he’d never watched.)


Day 42 movie 45: His Girl Friday…. Wonderful fast paced comedy and despite being 75 years old, has more charm and better comic timing and dialogue than anything being made today. watched on netflix



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