Movie A Day 2015 Week 8

Day 50 Movie 53 : Sideways, very grown up drama (Divorce and heartache an that.) an awful lot of unremarked upon drink driving, is that not frowned at in America…. Anyway 50 days whoopee!!! watched on lovefilm dvdSideways

Day 51 Movie 54: Secretary….. Just made it with 13 mins to spare, sooo tired. watched recorded from tv. I realise my original review was bad (even for me.) I really enjoyed this weird and thought provoking film, Maggie Gyllenhaal is magnificent.


Day 52 NO MOVIE: I went out for beer with my wee brother (no regrets.)

Day 53 movie 55: Maleficent….. Thoroughly enjoyed it, thought it was brilliant


Day 54 Movie 56: Vicky Christina Barcelona…. I gave Woody another chance, I quite enjoyed this, sometimes the narration bothered me, other times I found it charming…. The 2 Spanish stars were the best things in it. watched on netflix


Day 55 Movie 57: Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters…… Ridiculous Fun, total nonsense. Good Laugh, I like Jeremy Renner. watched on netflix


Day 56 Movie 58: Noam Chomsky – Rebel Without a Pause….. Wonderful Documentary about a very inspirational man, thought provoking, should be a must watch for everyone interested in the world and how it works. watched on netflix



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